My 8th grade experience

My eighth grade goals were hard to complete. One of them was to have all A’s this year but that did not happen because i ended the year with bad grades. The other part of the reasoning is because I personally think that some of the teachers do not put grades in and take so long to even if they do end up putting them in. I wanted to better myself and be more mature for high school and not argue with these teachers or have attitudes. It actually worked. Just remember your going to be a high schooler soon. You have to be mature because i’m sure that they do not take anyone’s crap. So you might want to just get your stuff together now before you enter.  The assignments do not get harder they just get a little more challenging because it is a higher grade level. You should probably always complete your assignments because that stuff really does matter in the future. If you do not know something then you should ask a teacher or a student but preferably a teacher because that stuff really matters. Try your hardest and do your best. If you believe then i’m sure it will happen for you. Just try really hard because 8th grade is the most important grade in the whole entire middle school.

Telling my Story

My story is about my mom being addicted to drugs and how it affects both of us. She ruined her life by doing drugs . She made very stupid decisions. She lost a lot of good people in her life. All because she chose to waste her life and be ignorant and do drugs. I hope I inform somebody out there not to do drugs it will mess you up in the head and will ot turn out good for you at all.

One of the most important people in my life are on drugs. My mother has a meth and heroin addiction. She might be on more drugs but I don’t know and thats none of my business. But anyway, it affects me because shes my mom . A mother is supposed to be there for her daughter. She isn’t supposed to be out there somewhere doing drugs. My mom has a few children which are also my siblings . She had to put most of them up for adoption or in a foster care . Some got taken away like me and my brothers. But luckily we were not separated from each other , my grandma took us in and we lived with her most of our lives.

My mom only started doing drugs because she got pregnant at a young age . She told me she just did not know what to do with her life. My mom regrets doing all of these drugs but she said this is the only way it takes the pain away. She did drugs when she was pregnant with me and i had problems when i was a baby. My mother is always repeatedly in and out of prison or jail. She was just recently in there because of meth and heroin. She recently overdosed and died because of laced meth.

I haven’t saw my mom in 5 years and it hurts everyday that i never got to say goodbye to her. She was really a sweet person before she started to do drugs but then she started up again with the drugs and she got herself all messed up . Drugs effect and hurt you and the people that you love. Don’t do drugs or even drink alcohol . You will get addicted and it will mess your whole entire life up. It will hurt the people around you because you just die even faster when you do drugs .

My Short Term and Long Term Goals

Before i do any of these things i’m going to finish high school. I’m going to go to college to play basketball. I’m going to stay in college for about 3 years. I wanna play Basketball because i’m tall and I feel like it would be fun for me to do. I just wanna be a pro basketball player like LeBron James besides the fact that i’m a female.

I would like to be a vet because i really like animals especially dogs and small puppies. I always cared for them since i was a young child. I just want to help the environment by helping the animals. I really really enjoy being around animals but it sometimes depends what those animals are. I just love animals in general.

I am really good at drawing and things of that sort like painting and stuff. My older brother is really good at it too he’s actually the one who taught me how to draw. I have a really good skill at drawing. I want to be a tattoo artist. It seems fun and very creative actually. I have saw people get tattoos and it just looks really cool. Tattoo artist also earn 30,000 a year and if you are really skilled you can earn up to 40,000$. You also don’t need a degree to be a tattoo artist and that is good in my part. All i need to do is take an art course throughout high school or through college courses. I need to get a tattoo license for the last part and i’ll be all good to start.

A wrinkle in time (Meg)

My paragraph will be about a wrinkle in time. The character i will be writing about is Meg. Meg was one of the most important characters in this book actually i’m pretty sure she was the main character in this book. The only thing that needed to happen was that she needed to find her dad . A lot of crazy things happened but she eventually got through all of the rough and hard times.


  Meg was smart but she had some problems also. She was really good at things but she just decided to do it her own way. Meg had a little brother named charles wallace that she seemed to love very much. They got upset when it came to their dad. Meg and charles met 3 woman those women wanted to help meg and her brother find their dad so they could be happy again. Meg could hide her feelings and envie just like her mother did.


Meg and her personality changed because she missed her daddy so much. She just wanted them to be together again. They tessered and found out the thing that took her dad. It was called the IT The IT thing had they’re papa trapped up that changed meg mentally and emotionally. They went to IT and IT got charles wallace hypnotized. Meg did not realize that he was hypnotized until the color of his eyes started to change and then his perspective of the names that he was calling her he thought was a bit odd.


 Meg had found her dad and she was happy. The 3 witches helped meg and charles find her dad. Meg went to charles wherever he was because he was still hypnotized. Meg went up to him and realized love was the answer she just kept saying i love you too him and he found himself from beyond. They all went home with their dad and became a very happy family again.

My Island Adventure

One day me and my friends were deciding where to go on a vacation at. We finally found somewhere to have our vacation . Where we were going is called The Lost Island. It seemed a little sketchy to me at first. Then my friend Morgan convinced me that there was nothing to be afraid of. I got over it ,packed my things, got some rest then Morgan and I headed out the next day at about 2:00 in the afternoon to go catch our flight.

We got on the plane on that plane it was a rough flight. But we got through it together. The airplane finally landed. We got off of the airplane, caught a taxi then we were on our way to the boat docs to get a boat and then ride it to the island. We were very pumped to go there. At around 10:13 p.m we got to the Lost Island. We got off the harsh boat and took a look at the beautiful night sky.

This island is very beautiful I said to Morgan. Morgan and I followed the other two people that were on vacation like us. We started going up the sandy beach towards this man that looked very odd. He said “well Hello visitors glad to see people off they’re devices , we have not seen that in a while”. We all introduced our selves to each other . The tour guides name was Elvin he was pretty chill. We went to a grill party and they were having fish. After dinner we headed to bed because it was a rough night.

We went to the cabin and fell straight asleep because it was very tiring and we also had to get up the next morning very early. We woke up and did our morning routine. I looked at the sky which was even more beautiful when the sun is outside. We went out to go hike on the beach and get a very good view. We met up with everyone else at the end of our day and then we all had a very good dinner together.

We did some activities at the island . We all went hiking in the small amount of trees there were . We  found a waterfall in the jungle type a forest. It was a very beautiful sight . Morgan and i took some pictures of the beautiful rainforest thing because it was our last night to be there. We went back to the hotel and packed up our things and we were on our way outta that place. I really doubted that place but I had so much fun with my best friend on that vacation!

Preparing For 8th Grade

Preparing for the 8th grade is going to take some time. You will get more challenging work and a lot more homework. Math is more tougher language arts is , science is actually pretty easy and the social studies is actually very easy and you can work with your friends.

You get in trouble way more i know its surprising because all of the 7th grade teachers are very irritating and mean . The 8th grade teachers are way more strict and don’t think that anything is funny and i honestly don’t know why because my jokes are very funny i think. You will get yelled at for no reason what so ever. The 8th grade teachers are very sarcastic and its honestly very funny. Only 2 out of the 4 teachers are actually very nice.

If you have mrs robertson good luck because shes very strict. She does not like jokes . She gives out the hardest homework and she also gives out homework every single day. She is a very sweet lady but she is way too serious.

Mr. Mcgaffick never gives out homework. He is one of the nicest teacher’s i’ve ever met. He tells us stories he also tells us very funny jokes.  His class is not even boring we always do something fun. He does not like it being quiet in his classroom so he lets us work with partners and lets us talk to them about stuff. He is very funny and also very sweet.

Mr. Etzwilers class is really fun. We always have a question on the bored for each and every day. We get to move around and do fun experiments. Unlike last year where in Mr. Reeds class all we did were really dumb packets that we had to get done in one day and we don’t do study island on a daily basis.